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Food is a passion and an art when prepared with love.

What is Southern?

The heart of the South has always been it's blue collared people, raised on farms, fields, and ranches. Warm climates and fertile soil have given abundantly to an equally warm people, who took those ingredients and created a cuisine and a culture rich in flavor and history.

We here at Southern sought to create a menu that celebrates that history, and reflects the people who created it- simple, honest, and delightful. Every time we simmer a pot of collard greens, mix a batch of pimento cheese, or bake off a fresh blueberry sonker, it's done in the traditions we were all taught of sharing wonderful foods with those we love.

We pair that with authentic southern hospitality in the setting of our historic downtown building, and we invite you to stop in and enjoy a dining experience 

meant to make you feel right at home. 

Say Hello

Coming to Elkin has been like coming home for us at Southern on Main. The hospitality and reception has been amazing and we want to pass that on to you and your guests. So come in and say hello or contact us and we can make your occasion special. 

Friday & Saturday

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